Size is everything

Designing web sites, I kept stumbling across the problem that I had to find out the size of certain elements on a page displayed in the browser window. As most of you might know, this is a pretty difficult task. Therefore I was happy when I found a freeware tool for Mac OS X called “Free Ruler” written by Pascal. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to keep it on top of the browser window when klicking on that window, so I kept searching and discovered Kevin Freitas‘ Firefox extension “MeasureIt”. This tool does an excellent job. It only has one drawback. You can’t resize an already drawn rectangle. I hope that Kevin will be able implement this feature in a future release. If you need a similar tool for IE on Windows, check out the “Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar” which is still in beta stage. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to draw a rectangle like I can do with “MeasureIt”.

Hello web!

Welcome to my new weblog. I’m glad you found your way out here.

Maybe some of you might remember that I started a blog at this location about a year ago. Unfortunately my professional life hasn’t left enough time to dig deeper, so the weblog merely contained three posts and sometime this year it was swamped with spam comments. Since I neither wanted nor had the time to mess around with spam prevention at that time, I closed it down with the intention to reopen it soon. Now it’s time to get rolling again.