Taking SilverStripe for a ride (Episode 1: Installation)

Step 1: Unpack silverstripe-v2.2.2.tar.gz

Step 2: Move folder over to a web server

Step 3: Point browser to sliverstripe folder

Step 4: Insert credentials for MySQL database and admin account

Step 5: Push “Install SilverStripe” button

Step 6: Delete install files

Ready for take off!

First road bump: After installation I clicked on the “Home” tab and got a 404 because it tried to access one of the install files (check-php.php) which have been deleted one step before. A quick search in the SilverStripe forum pointed me to the easy solution to clear the browser cache (why didn’t I think of this myself?).

I guess now it’s time to get my hands dirty and dig into the SilverStripe tutorials. Since it’s already in the one digit hours, I’m off for a pit stop and will take this baby onto the next leg within the next few days.

The first leg (installation) was more like a walk in the park than the usual CMS installation. Can’t wait to really get up to speed.

My Top 10 Apps of 2005

Molly E. Holzschlag asks the inhabitants of the blogosphere about their three most used apps in 2005. Here they go:

  • Firefox
  • Entourage
  • TextWrangler

If anyone’s interested in the next few in my ranking to make “My Top 10 Apps of 2005” complete, here they go:

  • Adium X
  • Spamfire
  • iTunes
  • Cyberduck
  • Eclipse
  • Vienna
  • Paparazzi!

Of course I should also mention DragThing, which in my opinion isn’t really an application but an extension of the UI, or else I’d have to say that Finder, Dock and Dashboard are my three most used apps of 2005.

How about you?