Taking SilverStripe for a ride (Episode 1: Installation)

Step 1: Unpack silverstripe-v2.2.2.tar.gz

Step 2: Move folder over to a web server

Step 3: Point browser to sliverstripe folder

Step 4: Insert credentials for MySQL database and admin account

Step 5: Push “Install SilverStripe” button

Step 6: Delete install files

Ready for take off!

First road bump: After installation I clicked on the “Home” tab and got a 404 because it tried to access one of the install files (check-php.php) which have been deleted one step before. A quick search in the SilverStripe forum pointed me to the easy solution to clear the browser cache (why didn’t I think of this myself?).

I guess now it’s time to get my hands dirty and dig into the SilverStripe tutorials. Since it’s already in the one digit hours, I’m off for a pit stop and will take this baby onto the next leg within the next few days.

The first leg (installation) was more like a walk in the park than the usual CMS installation. Can’t wait to really get up to speed.