No SXSW for me this year

It’s been a pretty tough decision to make. But due to the current work load and moving from Burgthann to my new apartment in Zirndorf in early March, I figured it would be best not to overload my calendar and my synapses. I’ve been to SXSW Interactive in 2006, 2008 and 2009, and always had a blast, meeting great people talking about very interesting stuff.

I wish everyone who’s going a very inspiring time; may the headaches be bearable.

See you again in 2011.

Firefox 3.6 and the behavior of Command-/CRTL-clicked links

After downloading and installing Firefox 3.6, I went back to my learned browsing behavior and opened tab after tab. But when I opened a link, using the beloved Command-/CRTL-click, I was irritated and at first couldn’t find the newly opened tab. While previous versions of Firefox opened these links in a new tab after all existing tabs, Firefox 3.6 now opens thes links in a new tab right next to the active tab.

Since it’s always hard to unlearn learned behavior, I looked for a way to fix it and looked at the configuration (“about:config”). There I found the parameter “browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent”, which is set to “true”. Changing that value to “false” switches Firefox back to behaving like it used to. I’m not sure which behavior I’ll use in the future but at least now I know that I have a choice. That’s what I love about Firefox.