SXSWi 2006: Delayed write up (Update)

Now it’s more than a month since I had the great opportunity to be part of the great gathering at SXSW Interactive and I still haven’t done the promised write up. The main reason is that it was very overwhelming, especially for someone who was there for the first time. So instead I’ve put together all the panels I attended during the conference. Of course, as many others have stated before, it was a very hard decision to pick which panels to go to. But I still think that I did a decent job.

Of course the write up isn’t put to rest, just put off till I’ll have time to sit down and review all my notes and maybe review the audio and video coverage on the SXSW website to spark my memory.

SXSWi 2006: Day 4

Panels I went to:

10.00 How to Convince Your Company to Embrace Standards (Links @ my

11.30 Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps (Links @ my

SXSWi 2006: Day 3

10.00 CSS Problem Solving (Links @ my

  • Ethan Marcotte, Creative Lead, Vertua Studios
  • Dave Shea,
  • Charles Wyke-Smith, Dir of Production, Nacio Systems
  • Christopher Schmitt, Principal, Inc
  • Tiffany B Brown, Owner, Webinista LLC/Georgia Institute of Technology

11.30 Web Standards and SEO: Searching for Common Ground, Part 2

  • Eric Meyer, Principal, Complex Spiral Consulting
  • Aaron Gustafson, Sr Web Designer/Dev, Easy! Designs LLC
  • Ed Shull, CEO, USWeb
  • James Hagans, Blogger, Performancing

14.00 Content Distribution the Mobile Web

  • Marc Brown, Pres, Buzznet
  • Derrick Oien, Pres & Co-founder, Intercasting Corporation
  • Andy Tiller, CTO, Cognima/ShoZu
  • Paul Smith, Pres, mPulse Media
  • David Snyder, VP desktop solutions and marketing in North America, Opera

15.30 WTF: WaSP Task Force Panel: Getting the Job Done Right (Links @ my

  • Steven Champeon, CTO, Inc
  • Matt May, Dir of Technology, Blue Flavor
  • Drew McLellan, Web Application Developer
  • Dori Smith, Writer
  • Jennifer Taylor, Macromedia
  • Chris Wilson, Group Program Mgr, Microsoft
  • Kimberly Blessing, KimmieCorp
  • Molly Holzschlag, Pres, Inc

17.00 WaSP Annual Meeting (Links @ my

SXSWi 2006: Day 2

Panels I went to:

10:00 How (and Why) to podCast an Event

11:30 How to Make the Most of Maps

14:00 Demystifying the Mobile Web

15:30 Web 2.1: Making Web 2.0 Accessible

17:00 How to Roll Your Own Web Conference